Linda Tate of StoryWebStoryWeb – a celebration of the stories all around us – is brought to you by Dr. Linda Tate, a former English professor who loves stories of all kinds.

After twenty-six years of teaching literature and writing at universities around the country, Linda left higher ed to focus on her writing. She’d had a great run – she’d even been named West Virginia Professor of the Year – but it was time to write!

Most recently, her memoir, Power in the Blood: A Family Narrativeicon, won the Colorado Authors’ League Award for Creative Nonfiction and was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. Currently, Linda is at work on Ferguson Girl: A Story of Family, Place, and Race. You can learn more about the research for this book at her website and blog, The Wellston Loop.

If you’re interested in learning how Linda brings her talents to the nonprofit and foundation world, check out her Tate Communications website.

Linda’s writing projects have included books, how-to guides and toolkits, e-newsletters, brochures, website content, encyclopedia entries, magazine articles, white papers and reports, curriculum materials, executive talking points, fact sheets, video scripts – even a story treatment for a documentary film!

Linda is also an in-demand editor. She has worked as a developmental editor, helping an author bring her book to fruition. She has contributed her copy editing and proofreading skills to books, academic journals, and businesses. If you need a sharp cookie with an eagle eye, Linda is your editor!

Now Linda brings her knowledge of stories to you. A labor of love, StoryWeb is Linda’s way of sharing her love of stories. She hopes you’ll be inspired to read, watch, listen, learn.